Father's Day Weekend

So, my super cool, well educated daughter decided to blog . . . . and here's a sampling of her work . . . . . Shalese is the coolest kid ever go read it! Now!


Holy @#$%, I've blogged!

2011 Family image . . . . and I hope to be blogging ONCE AGAIN! Love to everyone . . .


Family 2010

And here is our family circa 2010 . . . . . LOVE these kids! Family--it truly IS what it's all about! Pass it on . . . . . ;-)

Holiday CARDS

You obviously need holiday cards and NOW is the time to get them ordered! Come visit me at www.thegaystationer.com for all of your printing needs! Gotta love me, huh?!?!?!? Now go!


The Gay Stationer

So, I'm launching a new online business! STATIONERY! Printed everything and fabulous! Come visit my new site (please be patient as it's being built) and check around as new things are added almost daily!

Be well!

The Gay Stationer